Sheer Classic

Sheer Classic

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The Sheer Classic screen is a custom screen that is fast and easy to install. It has well-established reputation in Europe for great quality and a refined look. Genius Retractable Screen Systems has introduced its own pleated screen for the U.S. with several new features never before available.

The Sheer Classic Screen does not have a bottom guide rail. The track installs flat to the ground so there is no runner to trip or step over. This makes the Sheer Screen wheelchair accessible.

The construction of the screen uses only the best materials available and the screen moves back and forth with just a gentle touch. And, for those applications looking for a distinctive look, the Sheer Classic Screen provides a fresh contemporary look not available from any other screen on the market today.

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Elegance is the word that defines the new Sheer Screen Classic from Genius. Always an innovator, Genius brings you design, style and complete practicality.

The Sheer Screen Classic is cut to your specifications and is ready to install.  Smooth easy operation with Wheelchair friendly flat bottom guide. The bottom guide installs flat to the ground so there is no runner to trip on or step over.

Elegant pleated screen quickly folds away
• Openings up to 40.0′ (480″) wide x 10.41′ (125″) tall
• Screen panel is removable for seasonal storage
• Low maintenance screen is protected by aluminum housing

Maximum number of combined screen panels per opening:
• 3 from Right / 3 from Left = 6 TOTAL PANELS
• Maximum Opening Size: 40.0′ (480″) Wide x 10.41′ (125″) Tall
• The height of a Sheer Classic panel must be at least 10″ more than the panel width dimension.
• Individual screen panels that exceed 63″ in width will include anti-wind rod and reveal some screen
fabric when the panel is in the closed position.

WIDTH MIN : 12″ (30cm) MAX : UP TO 80″ (203cm)*
HEIGHT MIN : 22″ (55cm) MAX : 125″ (317.5cm)



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  1. Freezemn

    I ordered a large ZigZag screen for under my deck to go along with the Olympic on the other side. The ZigZag allows access like a door (that opens from either side!) instead of waiting for it to go up and down. I was hesitant at first because the ZigZag fabric is pleated and thicker, but once it was up, I really don’t see it all that much. American Screens did the installation which was fairly easy and quick.

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