Lifestyle Garage Door Screen


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The Lifestyle garage door screen is a fully retractable garage screen door that works with your existing garage door. Also, it features an industry first, fully retractable passage door for ease of entry and exit without having to retract the entire system. Conveniently, the Lifestyle garage screen is fully spring loaded, making opening and closing quick and easy.

Go from a just a garage to a cool, bright, pest-free space in seconds. When you’re done enjoying the great outdoors, simply retract your Lifestyle garage screen system and close your garage door as usual. It is that easy!
The perfect solution for: Man Cave Party Room, Exercise Space, Hobby Area, Recreation, Entertaining, Smoking Den
1. In the UP position, the Lifestyle is almost invisible from the outside
2. In the UP position, the Lifestyle is horizontal and directly under the permanent garage door
3. No tracks, frames or casements on the garage door opening to be seen from the outside. 100% of garage door opening is accessible
4. In the DOWN position, the Lifestyle forms a seal against the interior jambs of the garage door opening
5. In the DOWN position the bottom rubber astragal forms a seal with the garage floor to prevent a variety of critters from entering the garage
6. Sturdy but lightweight aluminum frame allows for easy manual operation
7. There are no tracks, frames, or additions to be attached to the jambs or the exterior facia of the garage door opening
8. The retractable passage door in the middle allows for easy entry and exit
9. Screen material allows for a cool and airy garage
10. Privacy screens, solar screens and no-see-um screens are optionally available


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