Screens for Large Openings

Genius DIY screens for large openings allow for natural ventilation of medium and large size openings. Therefore, it’s the perfect choice for porch, lanai, patio enclosures, gazebos, garage doors, and more. Additionally, a motorized version comes with a remote control. Open or close the screen with the touch of a button. Requires a 120 volt connection. Available in a manual version, activated using a child safe operating wand.  The Olympic screen is ideal for openings up to 16.5 feet wide and 10 feet tall. The Sierra 800 is a great screening solution for openings up to 108” wide and 96” tall.

When keeping the bugs out isn’t enough, upgrade to the SheerWeave® screen. This solar screen material controls sun glare, protecting furniture and fabrics without sacrificing the open feel of traditional fabrics.

Also, for an additional garage door option, see the Lifestyle pull-down screen option.