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How Window Screens Can Make Your Home Healthier

Windows Screens Are Essential

Your home is your sanctuary. Improving the interior environment of your home is absolutely vital, and it’s more important than ever before to ensure your home is a safe and healthy living space for you and your family.

Indoor air quality can have a negative effect on your health. Today, people suffer from more allergies and health-related issues due to their changing lifestyles and environments. Your home is the one single variable that you can control. The air inside your home is oftentimes more polluted than the air outside, which is why it’s so important to bring fresh air into your home with high-quality screens that safeguard you from dust and other pollutants.

Benefits of Fresh Air in Your Home

So while our focus is on screens in your home, we should review the benefits of bringing the fresh air in. High-quality screens are a very important addition to your home and your health when bringing the outdoors – in. Let’s look at the benefits.

Removing dust

You may not think about it often or how gross it may actually be, but dust mites live in our homes – everywhere. you’ll find them in your bed, furniture, and even your clothing. When you open up your home, the resulting air movement can help to remove dust mites that haven’t been tackled by your vacuum cleaner. It’s not always convenient to vacuum your linen, shake out your sheets, and let fresh air breeze through them, so it always helps to reduce and eliminate dust mites to bring the fresh air in.

Let the sunshine in

Care needs to be taken when letting the sunshine in, but it is all too important. Though the sun can bleach out your fabrics over time, it also brings warmth and happiness to dark and dank spaces. Sunshine has also been shown to help kill dust mites and strip allergens out of blankets and such.

Avoid mold growth

Following our thoughts on the sunshine above, mold is a nasty little bugger that loves to appear when there is no sunshine present. Mold loves to grow in warm, dark, and moist conditions. One place a lot of people often forget about is in and around their mattresses. Have you ever found mold underneath your mattress? It goes without saying that sleeping on a mattress of mold night after night would have very adverse effects on your family’s health. By opening the windows of the bedroom and shaking out the linen, you can help reduce this from happening. If possible, stand the mattress up in the bedroom with the window open to help dry out the mattress; this can get rid of damp areas from body sweat and humidity.

Kill stale air

One of the main reasons people will open up all the windows and doors of their home, even during winter, is to let out stale air. Air locked in the home has been “used”. It has been breathed in and doesn’t contain as much oxygen as the fresh air from the great outdoors. Gross right?

We need an adequate amount of oxygen to function properly. That goes for our beloved pets living in the house with us too. And by the way, if you have those pets that live in the house with you, you may have more dust, dirt, and stink than the rest of us. When you open up windows and doors, you’re helping the home to get rid of the stale air and bringing in the new, fresh air.

Save on power costs

By opening the windows and doors in your home, you can receive fresh air and may soon find this is enough to cool the home down – eliminating, or at least significantly reducing, the need for an air conditioner. So, while adapting to the fresh air and learning how to be cool and comfortable, you’ll be lowering your overall cost of power in the home as well.

Better air concentration

Because having fresh air in the home means there are higher levels of oxygen, having increased ventilation in the home can actually help improve concentration. What a great reason to invest in good screens to open your windows and let in all that fresh air!

A healthier home

There are many areas of health focus, but as we mentioned in the beginning of this article there are some that you can absolutely control while enhancing your quality of life and relaxation. The small, unthought of act of opening the windows to allow the fresh air to fill the house has shown to improve heart rate, lower blood pressure and promote a stronger immune system. Serotonin levels have also been directly attributed to a healthy, happy home full of fresh air (this has to do with your mood – been grumpy lately?).

It’s real simple; open the windows. But make sure that you’ve taken care to invest in a great system of window screens to keep bugs, dirt, excess dust, and pollen out of your home. You’ll find yourself reveling in the fresh air more and more every day.

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